Lexar Professional 1800x Speed MicroSDHC Card Review

Memory cards are starting to get faster. That was my initial thought when I received the new 2016 Lexar Professional MicroSDHC Card. Big bold golden numbers reading 1800x was an unexpected welcome. The card is nicely packaged with very clear advertising on the front, so you know what you are going to get from before purchase.

Inside the box you will find a quick start guide, the MicroSD card itself as well as a full sized SD card adapter and also a USB card reader specifically for the MicroSD card. A great set of tools as most people I would think don’t have a direct MicroSD reader built into their PC or laptop.

Lexar Professional 1800x microsd card 1

Lexar is aiming this card at the professional market, being people like photographers and videographers who are handling large amounts of data and having to transfer their photos and videos to a computer or laptop for editing and publishing.

Now, the thing that worries me with memory cards are the claimed transfer speeds that manufacturers make about their storage devices. Lexar is claiming that the card can hit a 270MB/s speeds, and to my surprise they were not wrong. Through our testing we managed to hit the max transfer speed, and in some cases hit around the 272MB/s mark when transferring our photos from the card to our test bench here in the office. Very impressive and a great way to minimise down times when waiting for files to transfer. The testing was done using UHS-II memory card reader and a USB 3.0 port.

Lexar Professional 1800x microsd card 3

I used the card in my Sony NEX-5T and I must admit, coming from my standard 4GB Sony memory card I noticed a difference on the actual camera. Rather than waiting for a fraction of time while the photo I had just taken saved to the memory card, the Lexar 1800x microSD inside the full sized SD adapter sped this up so I could preview my photos quicker.

It is an essential purchase for any professionals out there looking for a quicker file transfer solution. You can find more information on the Lexar website.



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