Talk about building on your success. Who doesn’t love playing around with Lego bricks. They have been around forever, and once more they are mega business with a new hit film setting box offices on fire.

And now there is a videogame on the Xbox 360 based on that movie.

As the box says, Emmet has an unlikely band of resistance fighters that want to team up to defeat Lord Business.

Sort of ironic then that the Lego company is all about business, but not evil business of course. Not even slightly. In fact I love Lego so much, I have a large box of the stuff under the bed.

There is no end of ways to put them together, and this game is a bit like that too.

Emmet is pretty rubbish at the start – no idea what he’s doing and no idea how to prepare for the adventures that lay ahead over 15 big levels.


He gets to meet plenty of characters on the way and eventually builds up some sort of force to be reckoned with.

Spot the recommended ages for the game, and you can see it’s one the kids will enjoy as well as the parents.

Over 90 characters are in there, so plenty of memory exercise too. And they include some rather well known faces that I won’t ruin for you.

It really is some super special innocent fun and adventure, and that can be lacking from some video games these days. No wonder it’s so successful.