Kenwood Chef Titanium Mixer Review

The Kenwood Chef Titanium (KVC7300s) is no joke. It’s a mixing machine that can literally take over your kitchen, and once used, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. That’s what I thought anyway, when I attempted to make my Victoria Sponge cake.

Taking a look at the actual machine, I can say it is rather large. It probably won’t fit inside a kitchen cupboard, but that’s okay. It looks pretty good anyway to live on your worktop. Just make sure you have the space because its footprint will take up quite a bit of space.

The whole machine is made from aluminium, which gives it a very premium feel. Even the included K-Beater, a whisk and a dough hook for bread are made from a thick metal which I can’t see breaking. They’re very weighty.

All fixtures and fittings are also reinforced with metal, so when you stick in the tool attachment, it hooks in with ease and is pretty stuck in. So even the thickest of batters will not bend these out of place.

There’s a plastic lid that can attach to the top of the stainless steel mixing bowl to stop ingredients from flying out of the top of the bowl when using the higher speeds. There is an opening on the plastic lid that can open for you to feed more ingredients into the bowl while you’re mixing.

There is only one control knob on the side which can be set to variable speeds depending on what you’re mixing. My batter needed a powerful mix on my sponge cake while the icing needed a slow spin. It feels very secure and very much a part of the machine. One added feature which I loved is the light that’s located above the mixing bowl position. There’s a touch control to turn it on and off, and makes it much easier to see your ingredients inside the mixing bowl through the plastic lid.

There are an optional 20+ attachments for this machine, but unfortunately they are quite pricey. But things like the blender attachment for the top, or a pasta strainer could be very useful. I think it comes down to how much you actually cook, and how much you actually cook from scratch. If you’re a baker, or love experimenting in the kitchen, then this sort of thing is definitely for you.

Even if you’re like me, and don’t bake a lot, my attempted a Victoria Sponge cake came out well I think. Okay, it probably won’t come close to Mary Berry’s standard, but having the machine to sort out the cake batter and keep a decent consistency, with no air holes or thick left over lumps.

Now the machine is not cheap. It costs around £649 online, but does come with a 10-year guarantee on the motor. And in my opinion, is a very handy machine to have in the kitchen. If you would like to find out more information, you can visit the Kenwood website.


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