Joby Gorillapod Review

For any passionate photographers out there, a tripod is definitely seen as an essential piece of kit. Depending on your photography style, these can vary so much between them. Do you need something flexible to your setting? Do you need something solid for portrait work? There are so many different questions that you can ask. But for a nice all round type of tripod, Joby has it covered with their Gorillapods.

The Gorillapod is made from plastic and rubber and is extremely light. The bigger more sturdy versions have aluminium inside to make the connections more solid. What’s unique about the Gorillapods are their ability to bend and flex to your surroundings. Each leg has nine ball and socket joints. Each joint by itself is very hard to bend, but as a whole leg, is very easy to flex around different objects. It also helps having tough joints for when you are using it as a more traditional tripod. It makes getting more interesting shots easier.

The Gorillapods come in four different sizes. The smallest will hold small compact cameras and even mobile phones in a kind of bracket system up to full size DSLR weighted tripods. They are all universal, so you can swap and change if you need the more sturdy SLR version for your compact. Prices can start from around £19.99 right up to £119.95.

For an alternative to more traditional tripods, the Gorillapod is definitely a way to go. The ability to bend and flex the legs will open your world of photography to more possibilities. The range of accessories available too will also help. For travelling photographers, replacing a heavy tripod with a Joby Gorillapod will make carrying around your equipment less of a burden. You can find out more information on the Gorillapod website.


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