It never an easy task being first to market. Of course there are going to be teething problems, you’re the first brand that’s done it. There’s no one to learn from previously, which makes sense thinking about it seeing Apple arrive with products so late.

So why is the Samsung Galaxy Fold in trouble? Because of its folding screen. About a week ago, Samsung started shipping their review units to notable tech reviewers. Unfortunately that’s not us, so we couldn’t test it ourselves. However, issues are stemming from their “screen protector” feature. Apparently the Fold has a protective layer which isn’t supposed to be removed, and if done so, could significantly raise the chance of failure.

My colleague opened the Galaxy Fold and it started doing this. So, long answer to your question @WilfredFrost, the hinge doesn’t seem very rugged after all. After two days:— Todd Haselton (@robotodd) April 17, 2019

But because it looks like one of these protective layers that come with pretty much ALL PHONES on the market, then of course habit is going to take over and you’re going to remove it. Samsung should have definitely included a clearer message. Secondly, there’s the issue with this protector not being fused completely to the front of the screen. If it’s not supposed to come off, then there shouldn’t be any doubt. It needs sticking down all together.

Other problems that have arisen are bubble like lumps appearing under where the hinges meet, like right down the crease.

SUPER YIKES: something happened to my Galaxy Fold screen and caused a bulge. I don’t know how it happened, and I’m waiting to hear back from Samsung. It’s broken.— Dieter Bohn (@backlon) April 17, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is also a $2000 phone. It’s expensive. It’s definitely been designed for people who don’t care too much about money, or those who want to really adopt early into the new tech. And because of this, these phones will sell. I can see though a significant percentage being returned for broken hinges. It’s going to happen for sure. Which is again why I think Samsung are charging a lot initially. They’re covering themselves for potential returns.