Is Freesat Still Relevant in 2018?

What types of products are out there?

Freesat reaches 2 million homes each week and is available via TV and set-top box. Viewers can choose from a range of products to find the one that best suits their needs.

For those who want to record up to two programmes at once and store hours of their favourite shows, the Humax HDR-1100S is the right choice. As well as 200 channels, it has a great range of on-demand players and when paired with the Freesat App, allows users to set recordings remotely, use their smartphones as the TV remote and organise recordings on the go. Priced from £179.

The mid-range Humax HB-1100S smart TV box combines live TV with on demand services, including access to Netflix and Rakuten TV. Priced from £79.

The ultra-compact Manhattan SX is aimed primarily at those who want to watch live TV. It allows users to set up reminders for their favourite shows and has over 200 channels for viewers to choose from. If your home doesn’t have an aerial, then this is your product of choice to watch live TV. Priced from £49.99.

In addition, Freesat is also built in to a range of LG, Samsung and Panasonic TVs.

What do you need to set up Freesat in the home?

There is no contract and no subscription with Freesat, all you need is a valid TV licence and a satellite dish. Freesat boxes are available from a range of retailers such as John Lewis and Argos, who also offer installation services for households that need a new dish and cabling.

Users who are already set up to receive satellite broadcast can, in most cases, simply plug in their Freesat box and enjoy their favourite TV.

What are the benefits of Freesat over its competitors like Freeview or even subscription services like Sky or Virgin?

Freesat offers access to a huge range of TV and radio channels, as well as catch up TV and additional pay on demand services like Netflix and Rakuten TV, making it the preferred choice for high-quality subscription free TV. Broadcasting via satellite gives Freesat brilliant reception across the whole of the UK, meaning that viewers get a true HD experience from its 13 HD channels.

Freesat has also developed its own Showcase feature which delivers TV recommendations from its in-house editorial team, who select the best programmes and hidden gems across all Freesat channels, including the top programmes from catch-up services and on-demand players.

As well as access to all the main channels Freesat customers are not required to sign any contract or set up a subscription, meaning that for many viewers they can access great selection of live and catch-up TV, without having to commit themselves to a lengthy contract.

Alongside this, figures from BARB show that of the 1,000 most-watched shows by Sky subscribers in 2017, 98% were available on free-to-air television, meaning users are paying out hundreds of pounds a year for programmes that you can get for free.

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