Introducing The New Zotac 1080 Arctic Storm

With the new nVidia Geforce 1080 being widely available on the market now, it’s no surprise that card manufacturers are finding ways to push this card to its absolute limit. And that’s what Zotac has done with their new 1080 ArcticStorm edition.

With the card staying close to Zotac’s previous renditions, the Arctic Storm pushes its limits by adding their very own custom water block to the backplate of the card. This enables to 1080 to be connected to a water cooling system inside the machine to stay cooler while under load.

zotac 1080 arctic storm 1

The waterblock itself uses a pair of standard G1/4 threaded fittings and comes bundled with a pair of barbs. These can support 10mm inner diameter tubing.

The water block offers Zotac’s new card full board coverage by using technologies such as Direct Copper Contact with Micro-channels. This results in much better thermal performance for you overclockers out there.

zotac 1080 arctic storm 2


For you builders out there, the physical size of the card is as follows: Length: 300mm, height: 148mm width: 2 slots.

For aesthetic reasons, Zotac has decided to go with their customisable Spectra LED lighting system. Although this doesn’t offer RGB colour spectrums, it will give you the choice between seven colours: Red, Blue, Magenta, Yellow, Green, Cyan and White. Great for those looking to improve their colour schemes in their towers.

zotac 1080 arctic storm 3

The Zotac 1080 ArcticStorm on paper looks like a pretty decent card, but until we see some proper benchmarks while hooked up to a watercooler it’s hard to really give a true impression on how this Zotac 1080 will hold up against the likes of MSI or EVGA. As always we will keep you posted.