India To Send Humanoid Robot To Space


Remember that scene in Alien, with Ash when he first started malfunctioning and flipping around that circular computer room and spitting out milk? Haunting right? Well, it looks like India haven’t learned from that film.

The ISRO, or Indian Space Research Organisation are getting ready for its first spaceflight program which should be ready by 2022. But, to get ready for the mission the ISRO are launching what’s called a ‘Gaganyaan’ crewed orbital spacecraft which will hold one solitary crew member on board. A robot named ‘Vyommitra’.

While Vyommitra isn’t a fully fledged android it can still converse with other astronauts and hit buttons and flip switches, so it’s already pretty impressive. Apparently it can also control all life support systems and environmental systems. But, if you don’t believe me, watch this short video. from The Times of India.

Okay, so this thing isn’t an android, and I’m pretty positive it won’t start flipping out and doing spins. It’s actually incredibly impressive, and definitely a huge step for mankind in terms of what could be possible with space travel.

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