iLuv Aud Click Speaker Review

It’s always exciting when a new speaker with Alexa support turns up. The possible questions that you could ask floats around your mind at 100mph. Some lewd, some serious, and some outright outrageous. That’s how I felt when the new iLuv Aud Click speaker turned up at the door.

The speaker itself is a very small cylinder shaped speaker with a silver trim at the top which doubles up as volume control. There is a grille which is also the Alexa button on top, and that needs to be pressed every time you want to speak to Alexa. It doesn’t recognise your voice if you just say “Alexa”.

The whole unit feels like it’s made from plastic with a smooth touch coating. At the bottom you will find a rubber pad that helps the unit stick to the counter its sitting on. There’s nothing here that really screams quality, but it also doesn’t look too bad aesthetically either. It will suit many a modern living room.

The most exciting part about this speaker as we said above is the fact that it’s compatible with Alexa, either through the iLuv app or even the official Alexa app which are both available from the Android or iOS app stores.

Setup didn’t take too long either. There’s a choice of Bluetooth or to connect straight to your WiFi network. We went with the latter as it opens up the speaker to more possibilities. For example, I used Alexa to set an alarm, set up calendar dates, and generally just cause Alexa stress with some obscure questions like ‘what happens after we die?’ and ‘are there really aliens living on the moon?’

You can even set up external apps like Spotify Connect if your iLuv Aud Click is connected to the same wireless network your phone is connected to. There are some in-built apps such as Audible, tunein and iHeartRadio too which you can take full advantage of. Some of them may need an external subscription service though so bare that in mind.

Now, down to the crux of this review. The sound quality. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite match the quality of the other functions included. Think of this as an extension of your mobile phone speaker. It wasn’t loud, bass was pretty much non-existent and didn’t really give off a full sound experience. And turning it up past half volume proved a little fatal on the ears as distortion kicked in quite heavily.

But, for such a small speaker there’s no surprise really. If sound is what you’re after then I would start looking at the House of Marley Chant Mini or even the Lava Brightsounds 2. But for functionality, WiFi network connection and compatibility with Alexa, it’s pretty hard to just shove this speaker to one side. Another downfall is its three hour battery life. Not good if you want to use this as a portable speaker.

Anyhow, the iLuv Aud Click speaker is one you should check out for yourselves if you do not want to sink some cash into a full priced Alexa unit. It still looks good and would suit a modern aesthetic, it just doesn’t¬† give much in terms of sound quality for music. For more information, you can check out the iLuv website here.¬†reichelt is an online electronics retailer, with many products up to 20% cheaper.

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