Hello, and welcome back to TechNuovo, my name’s Stef, and today, I’m going to be testing a bunch of microphones that I have lying around here from over the years of doing YouTube, with the Elgato Wave XLR. Now by this point, you may have seen our full Wave XLR review, but if not, there will be a card in the top right-hand corner for you to click on to check that out. But in this video, I’m going to be putting several microphones to the test with the Wave XLR, and see which one can produce the best audio quality, and these microphones are a mixture of condenser and dynamic microphones. But before I show you my results, I will say that I did not add any post-processing effects or editing to my voice. This is pure audio coming from each microphone. I did however run the Elgato Noise Removal and Elgato EQ VSTs within the Elgato software, and I did change the gain levels depending on the microphone I was using, to be able to capture a full sound. So with that being said, let’s jump into the results.

Well, after listening back to my tests, I definitely have a favourite and that’s the Audio Technica AT2020. For my voice at least, it’s just such a solid little condenser microphone that just sounds absolutely great. Following in a close second though is definitely the Wave DX from Elgato, as I really like how this microphone sounds at the high end. The audio sounds very open and wide and gives my voice a nice natural tone, rather than some dynamic microphones really kicking out that bass. I like that broadcast audio-type sound, especially in a podcast-type situation, but if I am live streaming or creating content for the channel, I’m definitely more of a fan of that natural wide-open sound. But, as always, let me know your favourite mic sound in the comments below.