Consumer electronics giant Samsung have been doing some interesting research on customer habits when it comes to saving money on their energy bills. Did you know that 54% of people in the UK think that the biggest drain of energy during the winter months is because of their heating? I’m not really sure what the biggest drain is. In my house, the heating is off for most of the day time, and I can tell you, it’s bloody freezing!

The reason Samsung has looked into this type of research is because of their SmartThings Enery Control. It’s a free to use service which will help you save money, by analysing your home’s energy usage. What more, with the service, you can also do some good for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

There are many ways you can get warm, but some aren’t always the most efficient. And some crazy Brits go to some major lengths to get warm. Apparently 22% of you argue before turning on the heating. Bet it’s those Dads thinking they’re ‘ard by suffering the cold and wanting to penny pinch right? And 23% of you debate when the best time is to turn on the heating. My advice, turn it on first thing in the morning so you’re warm for that wake up, and a couple of hours in the evening. Check them out below.

TOP 10 LENGTHS BRITS GO TO BEFORE TURNING THE HEATING ON* *according to poll of 2,000 people in the UK
Wearing extra layers around the house65% 
Drinking hot drinks40% 
Sleeping with socks on40% 
Using a hot water bottle34% 
Sleeping with a dressing gown on24% 
Wearing a coat in the house15% 
Using an electric blanket14% 
Exercising at home to warm up13% 
Warming the bed up with a hairdryer before getting in8% 
Leaving the oven on longer than needed8% 

One thing that shocked me from that list, is the fact people still use electric blankets! These absolute death traps are not only dangerous – my neighbour had a house fire not long ago due to their electric blanket – but it’s not 1970 anymore. Get your heating on! Things like leaving the oven on, or warming up the bed with a hairdryer could actually use more energy than turning the heating on. So wake up! Get that boiler working!

Find out more about the Samsung SmartThings app here. You never know, you could save yourself some cash!