Here’s What To Buy Your Mum For Mother’s Day

When I’m looking for a gift for my Mum, I’m never sure what to get. Perfume? I have no idea what she wears. Clothes… no chance, that is a very personal choice. But tech, I know tech. She has a smartphone, loves to watch Netflix on a large Samsung Smart TV and even uses a Macbook (which disgusts me… Windows FTW). So with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we thought it would be best to share with you what we thought would make some pretty cool tech gifts for all of your mummies out there.


Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Regarded as one of the best, cheapest tablets on the market at the moment, the £90 Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet is perfect for simple tasks such as reading an ebook or for internet browsing. It won’t play intensive games, but will do enough to keep someone satisfied for a very long time. Oh, and it has a 2 megapixel camera on the back for taking snaps of the kiddies. They’re now available directly from the Amazon website.


Kobo Aura eReader

Although this isn’t Kobo’s top eReader, there is still something special about this entry level electronic book. The Kobo Aura comes in at £89.99 directly on the Kobo website. It has a decent enough resolution to read small font sized books as well as touch ability to swipe through the pages with ease. The backlight only aids you further by letting you read t his in direct sunlight, great for those beach holidays. It’s even able to hold up to around 3,000 books.


Thirsty Plant Kit


We know Mums love flowers and plants. It’s just fact. So why not up your game and get them a plant, as well as the Thirsty Plant Kit. The Thirsty Plant Kit is a DIY piece of tech that includes a solar powered moisture sensor that will let you know when your plant needs to be watered. Imagine this, the plant you buy your Mum this year survives the entire year, so next year, you wont need to get another! Wait, does it work like that? The Thirsty Plant Kit is available from techwillsaveus.com for just £25.


Juice Stand Speaker

Get some music in your mother’s life with the Juice Stand Speaker. It’s a budget speaker, so don’t expect any big sounds. It’ll fit nicely into a room where background music is required such as  the dining room or kitchen. They come in a variety of colours including red, black, blue and white to match any type of decor your Mum has and even have a built-in battery so they can carry it around with them from room to room Not bad for £39.99.


Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

There’s not a single mother in Britain who doesn’t drink tea. After all, it’s such a staple of our culture that it’s what we’re known for around the world. Want a crumpet with that? So without doubt, I would like to show you the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker. This fancy kettle will fashion your favourite brew to perfection, whether it’s black, green or Oolong tea. The kettle will ensure that water is boiled to that perfect temperature making sure that the tea leaves are properly infused within the water. For the perfect tea on Mother’s day will set you back around £249, but it’s definitely worth it.


Klhip Nail File


This unique nail file is the perfect gift for Mums on the go, Mums that are always breaking their nails or Mums who just love to have good looking nails. The Klhip nail file is made from Pyrenees mountain stone and will genuinely last a lifetime. It leaves your nails super smooth and comes in a handy leather sleeve, so it fits nicely in any handbag! These are currently available from The Fowndry for just £32.99!


The Delicake Traditional Round Master


Designed to shape your delicious desserts, this innovative product is lightweight and contains three sections to help you easily create a non-bake dessert of your choice, using only one piece of cakeware. This all-in-one solution saves you time and effort in the kitchen, so you can spend more time enjoying your creation and less time slaving away.  The Delicake Master has been designed in three sections to allow you to prepare, set and serve all-in-one. Sections include the base, a sleeve and a lid, created from high impact food grade clear acrylic, so you can control every step and make sure it’s perfect. The Delicake Traditional Round Master is available direct from Delicake for just £30.99, Oh, and they also do a rectangular version.


FitBit Alta Fitness Band

This sleek piece of wrist technology seems to be a hit around the mothers at the moment. So much so that my own mother has recommended I try and get her one. The FitBit Alta can track your fitness, sleep cycles and even give you notifications on when to move around, to save you from a sedimentary position all day at work. They’re currently on the market at £129.99 starting price and are perfect for any Mum wanting to get into a fitness routine.

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