Headpods by Boompods review

There’s no doubt that style is heavily influenced in today’s headphone market. Not only do you want to have great sound, you don’t want to look like a moron walking down the road. Boompods’ new headphones definitely live up to that theory.

Boompods are focused on bringing fashionable audio products to you. And they do it well.

I received a green pair of Headpods this morning and being an audio junkie, could not wait to try them.

My first impression was they looked good. The lime green colour stood out to me, but in a quirky way. I didn’t feel silly wearing them walking through my home town. They’re built extremely well. The soft feel to the plastic exterior is great to handle.

The Boompods Headpods are also very comfortable to wear. I find some headphones ache my ears after a while but the Headpods were great. The faux leather ear cups work well.

You can fold the headphones for easier storage. They are supplied with a small case to keep them protected from marks made by other items in your bag.

The detachable 3.5mm jack cable is also a nice feature and saves the Headpods from damage. On the audio cable you’ll find a control panel. The buttons are compatible with any iPhone. The functions range from volume controls to answering calls. It also has an in-built microphone for handsfree phone calls.

The audio quality is crisp. Of course adjusting the equalisers built into your music device will enhance this further. The Boompods Headpods have built-in twin drivers to enhance the bass and to also give you a wide frequency. This will give you a balanced sound between your treble and bass settings. I tried all types of music through the Headpods from Frank Sinatra, DJ Fresh and even some heavier metal like Slipknot and could not find a fault with the headphones sound quality. Of course on the higher volume levels you will get some distortion, but it didn’t get in the way of my music.

The on-ear cups are designed to block out music externally, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. There was quite a bit of bleed on the higher volume settings. It doesn’t matter too much if you’re in a loud area like a town centre, but take these headphones to the library, you had better turn the volume down.

I am impressed with them. They sound great, they look great, and most of all they’re comfortable to wear. Everything I need in a headphone is right here. For £39.99 the Boompods Headpods can be yours to own. They also come in a range of colours to match your style.

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