GX Gaming Mauras Mouse Review

Certain companies have dominated the market for gaming accessories for a long time so it was a breath of fresh air to finally receive a product from a company I hadn’t heard of, GX Gaming.

GX Gaming are a company linked to Genius and specialise in PC gaming products.

This is where the GX Gaming Mauras Mouse comes in.

This larger than average gaming mouse packs a punch in such a small package and in my opinion can keep up with some of the major players on the market today.

The firs thing that suck out for me is the weight. It is extremely light which is something I absolutely love in gaming mice. It gave me so much control over the movement. The weight, blended with its customisable 3500dpi gave me ultimate control over the battlefield.

It has a 20g weight built in which unfortunately cannot be changed but it didn’t seem to be an issue when gaming.

The GX Gaming Mauras Mouse has 5 unique buttons. The two buttons on either side can be used for macro shifting. You program macros via the software driver supplied.

The mouse is connects via USB which is on the end of a 1.8m braided cable. More than enough length for even the biggest desk.

I was extremely happy with the Mauras mouse considering I’ve only really used products from the larger companies. I was shocked it had such a good reaction time. I would definitely recommend this mouse to anyone wanting more control over their gaming.

The GX Gaming Mauras mouse is advertised as an FPS/RTS gaming mouse because of its customisation in macros and dpi speed which does the mouse absolute justice when playing those types games.

Try one for yourself. You will not be disappointed. If you want to get one yourself, check out misco.co.uk.