Group Calls Now Possible With Whatsapp

WhatsApp over the past three or so years has grown significantly to become one of mobile’s top messaging service, with around 1.5 billion users. Now that is a lot of people. Facebook definitely made the right choice in acquiring the software back in 2014. WhatsApp has grown since its first launch from text messaging service,  and now caters for voice and video calls, as well as media sharing  too.

But now a new service is being added – group voice calls – and it’s never been so simple to include up to four friends or family into your chatroom. The way you do it is simple. You start out  my calling one friend, so there is connection between you two. From here, then is an add participant button which is placed on the top right hand corner of your phone screen, allowing you to add two more friends to the call. Four in total at the moment. Whether this will change in the future to be able to include more friends I have no idea.

What’s better, is that WhatsApp are even encrypting their group call service too, so there “hopefully” will be no prying eyes on your conversations. How deep this runs I’m not too sure. WhatsApp claim there is end-to-end encryption on their messaging services meaning only you and the receiver can read messages, and not even WhatsApp themselves have access.

But anyhow, I’m not sure how interested WhatsApp actually is when it comes to conversations between you and your friends. How many times must they have seen the same memes? Too many if you ask me.

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