Griffin Survivor Samsung S8 Cases Range Review
The Good
  • Able to protect your phone from accidental drops
  • Do not add too much bulk to the handset itself
4.4Overall Score

The Samsung S8 hasn’t been out for long, and already we’re seeing manufacturers flood the arena with entries into the case market. The Griffin Survivor series of cases are some of those that have intrigued us enough to take a look.

I’m going to split these two cases up into two. The first we’re going to look at is the Griffin Survivor Strong, following on to the Griffin Survivor Clear.

Griffin Survivor Strong

The first of the two cases comes in packaged in a hard plastic surrounding, simulating the toughness of this particular case. The Strong has been drop tested up to 7ft, or 2.1 meters which is about a foot taller than the average male. Phones are claimed to survive from this height as long as it’s wrapped in the Griffin Survivor Strong. Styling is slightly different from the Clear cases, with only one colour on offer, and it’s an accent rather than a solid colour.

Griffin Survivor Clear

Just as the Strong promises, the Clear case still offers drop protection although it’s only from around 4ft, or 1.2 meters. Not as high, but most people would naturally hold their phones to use at around 4ft anyway. These cases offer a clear styling to them so you can still see the beautiful craftsmanship that went into building your mobile. Samsung and Apple phones especially as they’re now all covered in glass. The coloured accents here fall around the edge of the case, and are available in a larger range than the Strong like a dark blue, a teal and gold.

Griffin to me are always on point with their accessories. We’ve raved about them in the past when looking at their older cases and even their portable chargers and haven’t found anything to complain about. This is the same here. For some much needed protection, and to not fall victim to the cracked screen like so many before, you should definitely invest in one of these. You can find out more information on the Griffin website.

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