Goo.ey Samsung S6 Edge Case Review

There’s always something inside me that takes note when what seems like a standard phone case claims something unique, and that is exactly what the new range of Goo.ey mobile phone cases offer. But more on this later.

Goo.ey is an independent phone case manufacturer that have released cases for the Samsung S5, S6, S6 Edge and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. They’re unique looking plastic cases with a rubberised.silicon back that have the ability to stick to shiny surfaces. That’s right, you heard me.

gooey case 1

We were sent through cases for the Samsung S5 and Samsung S6 Edge to test and we were pleasantly surprised. We were sent the standard model cases, one clear and one black, but there are many other colours and designs on offer. They have also teamed up with House of Holland to bring you some fashionable style options too which actually look really good.

The case is a hard plastic shell, tough enough to grip to the rear of your phone which is great seeing as the backs of these new phones on the market are pretty much glass. Tough glass as it may be, we’ve still seen some major damage done by users dropping their phones.

However, the Goo.ey cases grip the phones so much that in our drop tests we didn’t see the case fly from the phone, which is unusual for cases of this style.

gooey case 2

As I said, the most unique part of these cases is the ability for them to stick to shiny surfaces. Glass seems to work best which is extremely practical. Want to take a wide selfie? Stick it to the window and set your camera on a timer. Want hands-free calling in the car? Stick it to your side window while making calls.

The unfortunate thing, which is demonstrated in our images is the wear and tear that the case goes through. We’ve only had the case for a week before review, and it may be because we have a clear version on our Samsung S6 Edge. There are other colours though which I’m assuming will not show as much wear and tear as the clear version. We are yet to see this though so will keep you posted.

gooey case 3

The Goo.ey cases are also a decent price for a functional case. They come in a huge variety of fashion brands and colours and keep will keep the rear of your phone protected from drops and scrapes. You can find out more on the Goo.ey website. Prices vary depending on style.