Gear4 Street Party Wireless 3 Speaker Review

Gear 4 has successfully coined the lower end portable speaker market with their huge range of speakers. In the past we have seen some very stylish speakers come out from Gear 4 and their new StreetParty Wireless 3 is following in that trend.

Here we have a small, portable matte black wireless speaker. Coming in at around £29.99 retail, the Gear 4 StreetParty Wireless 3 sounds exceptional compared to other speakers in that price bracket. The twin drivers produce some decent quality music whether you’re inside your home for easy listening our outside, having quite literally a street party. The radiator also gives a warm bass tone. High tones are also clear enough to make out. Remember this is a budget speaker so don’t expect too much. But again, for a budget speaker this doesn’t disappoint.

The speaker is covered in a matte black rubber material giving it some good protection. It probably won’t survive drops from a height, but if it’s being transported around in a bag, getting bumped about won’t cause any damage. It has red accents which look quite smart against the mainly black casing.

The built-in battery charges via micro USB from a laptop or desktop and will continue to play for up to eight hours which is huge. easily enough for a night of partying.

You can use two forms of connectivity, both easy to set up. The first is Bluetooth from an enabled device. In our case we used our mobile phones. Pairing was simple and music sounded great over a wireless connection. There is also a 3.5mm aux input on the rear of the speaker for direct connection. It has a built-in microphone for hands free calling. I’ve been told that clarity is good on the receiving end so that works well.

I liked the speaker and thought it worked well for the budget price. It sounds good, it’s built really well and there are a decent number of functions which makes this a decent purchase. If you’re looking to travel and need some music accompaniment then this is the speaker you.


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