For newer phones such as the near all-glass Samsung S6 Edge, S7s and even iPhones, impact protection is essential for those unlucky drops and bangs. Gear4 Black has you covered by introducing their new BookCase protective case to the market.

What’s special about the new Gear4 Black cases is the implementation of D30 technology. D30 is a smart material that has been scientifically proven to give your device impact protection through a unique shock absorption. What’s better is the material is even used by the military to protect their gear during transport, so you know this case is not messing around.

As the name suggests, the BookCase case is a foldable book style case. My S6 Edge slotted in very easily inside the orange edges. It felt really secure and quite substantial, especially when the door was folded over the phone. The door seals with a magnetic strip which is pretty tough. There is no need to worry about the door opening when it’s in a bag.

On the inside of the foldable door you can find two card slots for when you’re on the move and not carrying a wallet or hand bag. a subtle but great feature. The case can even be folded into a stand for when you are watching content on a commute.

The Gear4 Black BookCase is a stylish entry into the phone accessories market, however, the only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the bulk it adds to the phone. Although it isn’t huge, and yes, it’s needed to give it that impact protection, phones are becoming thinner and lighter, and adding the case can definitely ruin the aesthetic of your skinny mobile. Having said that, the case is still a worthy addition to your mobile phone, especially newer phones which can be easily cracked.

You can currently find them on the market online and in high street stores for around £34.99. Definitely worth the price to ensure your mobile phone is protected. You can also visit for more information.

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