Guess how many apps there are on the Google Play store? Well, according to Statistica, there are over 2.6 million apps available. That’s CRRAAAAAZY! How many of those apps do you think are used every day? Okay, I don’t know that, but what I do know, is that I have five go-to apps that could make your experience with the Google Pixel 7 Pro even better. And to be honest, these aren’t really limited to the Pixel 7 Pro, they’re available on all Android phones, but you know the Google Pixel 7 Pro just came out and I’ve got one and I’m still in my honeymoon period with it and it’s still semi trending in the world, so you know we gotta capitalise on those hashtags and titling of this video. Here are the apps.


Now I know we’ve already talked about the Pixel 7 Pro having really awesome features on their camera already, but what if I told you, that using Snapseed could increase that performance? Snapseed is a very simple photo editing app that allows you to edit photos to a professional standard. Where something like Instagram’s built-in editor allows you to add filters, Snapseed allows you to make minor adjustments to certain areas of a photo. For example, if you’ve got an image of a cat, you can only add some nice exposure changes to the cat’s eyes, without editing the entire image. It’s great for those photographers who want a little bit more control over their editing processes, without the need to crack open Lightroom or Photoshop on their PCs or Macbooks.

Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Pro

To follow on from Snapseed, there’s an awesome manual camera app called DSLR Camera Pro, which allows you to control all aspects of taking a photo, very much like it would on a proper DSLR camera. You can change your aperture, your exposure levels with bracketing, it has a manual focus and different white balance levels, it has everything any budding photographer needs to capture an amazing image. Sure, it costs ¬£3.99, but to be honest, that’s an absolute steal.

Your Phone Companion

This app for me is a huge timesaver. Let me paint the picture. To transfer my images to my PC, I used to plug in m phone via USB, find the DCIM folder and drag and drop the images to my desktop. Now, with Your Phone Companion, you can wirelessly connect directly to your phone to save images to your PC directly from the app. It’s free to use and very simple to set up. You can also reply to text messages, you know SMS messages, directly from your PC, though who sends SMS messages anymore I don’t know.

Spotify/Tidal/Apple Music

Having an app that can stream music to your phone in 2022 is a no-brainer, and look, I wanted to include just one of these next apps, being Spotify, but I’m realistic. I live in the real world, and there are definitely people out there using other music streaming services as their go-to apps. I use Spotify daily. Whether I’m at home, in the office, or walking around my local supermarket doing my weekly food shop, I’ve got Spotify playing. And ow that apps like Spotify have a huge music library, they also provide podcasts too! It can turn a mundane task like food shopping into a personal concert, or a comedy show, or a learning experience if you’re into those kinds of podcasts.

Material Notes

IF you’re anything like me, then note-taking runs certain aspects of your life, and Material Notes does a great job with its fantastic organisational features. You have the chance to colour code your notes, whether its your shopping list in green, or your work schedule in yellow, or who you need to buy birthday cards for in blue. You can even star certain notes if they’re of urgent priority. If you’re also saving some sensitive data on the app, you can lock notes with four digital security pin numbers which is super useful, and it even comes with a set of widgets so you can attach your notes to the home screen so you can have eyes on whenever you unlock your phone. It’s free to download, and will definitely increase your productivity as it makes it very easy to organise your projects.

So there you have it, five apps that work absolutely superbly on Google Pixel 7 Pro. Get them downloaded today, they’re all available on the Google Play store.