First look at Ginicam

Ginicam is an online service giving people the chance to interact over live webcam. It is giving you the chance to sell your services over the internet. It works like this.

A celebrity can have a Ginicam account and interact with their fans one on one, or in group sessions. The celebrity can also have the choice to charge for this service, or give it out for free.

There are three types of users to Ginicam, VIP, Premium or Regular. VIPs get special treatment in chat sessions giving them face to face interaction and also voice chat.

Prices will vary and are decided by the owner of the session. The more famous they are, or the more desirable their service, will probably cost you a lot more. The session owner can set how many people they want to speak to in their event giving them an exclusive feel. With the cost in mind, if the owner decides that they want 2000 people in their session at once, the cost of the session may not be a lot at all.

Ginicam have used the celebrity heavilly as an example – people would love to chat with their heroes. There are other uses for the software too such as webinars or if you’re getting married abroad, this can be broadcast over Ginicam if family members cannot attend . From what I have seen so far it is a very similar service to Skype, but with the monetary service backing it.

Ginicam will take a percentage of your earnings from you but what you earn during one of your sessions is your money to spend how you like.

It is in beta at the moment with the final bugs being ironed out. It’s a very exciting piece of software, and used in the right hands, could be a very effective way of communicating.