With Shark Week on the Discovery Channel coming quickly to an end, an infographic has been put together to display the top shark sighting spots in the UK. You can find the data below.

Shark Week will be coming to an end on Saturday 8th August after having an already successful week so far. Shark Week started on Sunday 2nd August.

There are around 30 breeds of shark in UK waters, with the largest Great White shark just off the coast of Scotland. There have also been sightings of the giant fish in Falmouth, Cornwall last year. Most species of shark seem to be off of the South West Coast where the waters are warmer than other parts of the UK.

It was reported that people have even fled a beach in Herne Bay, Kent after spotting a large dorsal fin patrolling the waters near the coast.

Sharks are hugely fun and very entertaining to watch, but I think we need to keep them on our television screens. You certainly won’t see me searching for them in the sea anytime soon.

Tune into the rest of Shark Week on Discovery Channel to find

Visit the Discovery Website to discover more facts about sharks and also a video of the biggest Great White in history to be spotted.

shark week uk infographic