Eyefi Mobi WiFi SD Card

If there is one thing that every gadget should have it would have to be simplicity, especially when it comes to wireless networks and compatibility between two different products. There’s nothing worse than banging your head against a wall trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Well, this little gem of an SD card eliminates all the headaches involved.

Introducing the new Eyefi WiFi SD Card, a bright orange bit of plastic that sends your photo to a smart device wirelessly. There is a lot to like about the Eyefi WiFi SD Card: first off it’s an SD card, but it does the whole WiFi thing. It is also very compatible with almost every camera on the market which is a feature I particularly liked. It’s simple to set up to your smart phone or tablet.

Transfer speeds aren’t great I will say this, so if you’re the kind of photographer uses a continuous shooting mode on your camera, be warned that the card may not keep up. However, single shooting shots work superbly and can be found on your smart phone within seconds.

The card can transfer photos and videos from a camera or camcorder. However, RAW files are not compatible so you’re limited to shooting in JPEG. A nice get around is you can set your DSLRs to shoot RAW and JPEG simultaeniously enabling you to transfer the JPEGs and keep the RAW files for your editing needs. Great if you want to get a couple of images onto social networking quickly. For video that depends on what files are compatible with your mobile phone or tablet. For me, I was using a Sony NEX-5T to test the card. I usually shoot in AVCHD yet my Samsuing doesn’t allow that so I had to change to shooting in MP-4. Not a huge deal.

Transferring your photos to your phone is so easy with the Eyefi Mobi app

Transferring your photos to your phone is so easy with the Eyefi Mobi app

The card works, and is a great product depending on what kind of photographer or videographer you are. Compatibility is huge and the price isn’t too bad either. There is also a 16GB version available for your long trips, although if your photos and videos are transferring to your mobile or tablet, this really in my opinion isn’t needed.

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