Ever fancied jumping into an X-Wing or Tie Fighter and having a scud around space? How about doing that in VR? Well that’s what the new Star Wars Squadrons game is promising.

Today, the games company dropped an over two minute trailer, and it looks absolutely insane!

The trailer shows off what seems to be some kind of narrative experience, which centers around a squadron rom the Rebel Alliance and the Empire.

EA’s website also promises first person dogfighting as well, and at this point, I’m just super pumped to be flying through space in some of the most iconic Star Wars spacecraft.

It’s not certain yet if the game will be on a similar scale to that of the old Rogue Squadron games, and if Star Wars Squadrons will include some planet based combat. There is a brief section of the trailer, but you look as if you’re in some kind of ventilation shaft, from the end of Episode 9 Return of the Jedi.

The game is said to take place after Star Wars Episode 9, as a continuation of the Star Wars universe’s story. But only time will tell which characters will be involved. Wonder if Wedge Antilies will make a cameo appearance?

Whatmore, Star Wars Squadrons will have full VR support too, and this hopefully extends to the whole game, including the multiplayer game mode. There was a single mission released on PS VR on Battlefront II, and that was quality. I’m hoping it’ll be like that, and more.

Cross-play has also been promised which is a brilliant touch, and a welcome one for sure. EA have also promised some gameplay footage from their EA Play event on the 18th June 2020, so make sure you’re there for that!

For more information, head over to the EA Star Wars website. According to Steam, Star Wars Squadrons is releasing 2nd October, so we’e not got long to wait.