Delonghi Autentica Review

With encapsulated coffee pod machines becoming more popular, Delonghi have covered the market with their more traditional style of making hot beverages. Up is the Delonghi Autentica, a fully digital espresso and cappuccino machine. Here at Tech Nuovo we love our coffee, so we got one sent through to the office to test for ourselves. Here are our results.

First impressions on the machine is it is very tall. It has two coffee nozzles on the front as well as a space for the milk tank. On the back is a water tank which needs a filter. The filter is supplied in the box and are available through Delonghi after it’s used up. On top you will find the coffee bean holder. This machine uses traditional coffee beans which it grinds up and dispenses into the bottom.

Using the machine is very easy and set up is a breeze. There were no complex instructions to wrap your head around. The Delonghi Autentica has a digital display so selecting which drink you would like to dispense is very easy. You use the touch buttons on the front to navigate the menu system.

There are a large amount of drinks to choose from as well as the strength of the desired drink. Our favourite was the caffè lattes. The milk dispenser also works as a frother too to give you a milky foamy layer on top. It’s part of Delonghi’s LatteCrema system which delivers smaller bubbles for better foam.

There is a new ‘Doppio’ mode which provides you with a thicker espresso extraction. This will impress the people who like their short coffees a little stronger than normal.

The thing that lets it down is a lack of knowing the amount of liquid is used to make each drink. There were times we were reaching for a second cup as the cycle hadn’t finished yet. But that probably comes down to good old practice makes perfect. It’s something that will come with time.

Although pretty pricey coming in at around £650, the Delonghi Autentica gives you everything you’d expect from the best high street baristas. It uses proper coffee beans to grind down and give you a much bigger flavour than conventional granules.

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