I must say I’ve always been a bit of an AIO user of late with my PC builds. I generally use Corsair coolers, and in my life, they’ve worked well for me, keeping my CPU cool when needed, and usually looking quite smart in my rig. However, I got the chance to check out the Deepcool AK620, which is an air cooler, complete with a large radiator and two fans and that’s pretty much it, one cable that plugs into your motherboard, and the installation is a simple process too. It’s a bit of a hulk of a cooler, but I must say it does look really smart too.

The Deepcool AK620 isn’t the smallest CPU cooler out there. Its complete measurements come in at 129x138x160 millimetres, and the heat sync itself is slightly smaller. It comes with two 120mm fans in the box which are pretty silent when running, even when under load, and there’s no RGB here either. It’s a pure white cooler that doesn’t mess around. It weighs in at around 1.46 kilograms which is pretty decent, and it’s held very steady in my rig here. The cooler requires two 4-pin PWN connectors which you can generally find on your motherboard. I have two here, but if you only have the single fan header, there is a splitter in the box so you can plug two fans into a single fan header which is very handy. I will say now that you’ll need 160mm of height clearance inside of your case, and also 43mm of RAM clearance.

I’ve currently got the Deepcool AK620 on my AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, though you do get a decent number of fittings in the box for your Intel 1700, 1200, 1151, 1150, 1155, 2066, 2011 and 2011-v3. You’ve also got your AM4 and AM5 on your AMD side of things which makes this CPU cooler super versatile. It comes with a smidge of CPU thermal paste too, so you’re good and geared to go as soon as you open the box.

But, being a CPU cooler, nothing is worth it until you know how cool it can keep your CPU. And I must say, even though I don’t dabble with kind of real overclocking outside of my motherboard performance modes, the cooling capabilities of this AK620 is great!

CPU Idle Temps

Idle temps, when my PC was just sitting there really doing nothing, it managed an average temperature of around 51.4 degrees, with a low of 45.5 degrees.

Cinebench Single-Core Test – 10 minutes
Cinebench Multi-Core Test – 10 minutes

Running a Cinebench benchmark, a single core test gave me an average temperature of 68.9 degrees, though it did run up to 72.5 degrees high. And running a multicore test, this is where we saw the cooler get put through its paces. It was running at an average temperature of 90 degrees with a high of 90.3 degrees. Now of course, you’re not going to be constantly pounding your CPU like this, hence it being a benchmark test, but it’s good to know that it wasn’t throttling for a sustained amount of time, and to be honest with you, I was actually impressed with the AK620 and how it performed.

The Deepcool AK620 is a decent-looking cooler for sure that performed really well for what I needed. I’ve got a white one here, but it does come in black too, and there’s also their Deep Black model that’s available. I bought mine from Amazon, and it set me back around ¬£60. Now there are cheaper air coolers out there for sure, but ¬£60 for a decent-looking cooler is a nice price for sure. For more info, check out the Deepcool website.