Damson Headspace Headphones Review

Damson are a newly launched headphone company that have just completed a very successful Indiegogo campaign. The campaign was for the Damson Headspace Active Noise Cancelling headphones, and reached 634% of their funding goal. What came out of it was a beautifully crafted wireless set of over ear headphones.

The Damson Headspace headphones are completely solid, made from a brushed stainless steel, combined with a smooth soft leather headband. These things feel completely indestructible, and are surprisingly heavy when holding them in your hands. This changes once they are placed on your head though. They are extremely comfortable to wear.

The headband adjustments needed getting used to. When I first got them out the box and put them on, they were very stiff to adjust into position on my head. With a few uses though, they loosened up, but still retained that solid quality. It was the same when folding the headphones into eachother to put them back into their carry case, which is included. They were stiff and needed some force to fold them the first couple of times of use.

All of the controls come as separate buttons and have been placed on the rear of the right earcup. Going clockwise you will find a volume up, skip track, volume down, skip track backwards and a round Bluetooth button in the centre of the earcup. On the left is where you toggle the active noise cancelling on and off with a switch which again, feels solid, and unlike other headphones, the metal coverings give it some actuation. Each button needs to be physically pressed with some kind of force, so you really know when you’ve pressed it.

The earcups themselves are chunky, and I never felt as if the headphones were giving me any kind of grief. They sat comfortably on my head and even over long periods of time, I didn’t need to adjust them. The only thing that is the same with all over-ear headphones is the sweaty ear syndrome. Because no air can get you your ears, they will get a bit clammy.

Of course, it’s a rare sight to see active noise cancelling on a set of headphones that cost £129.99. Even on their Indiegogo campaign they compared several top tier headphones including the from Bose QuietComforts which sell for £349 and the Sennheiser Momentums which come in for as much as  £499.

But then noise cancelling here is special. The Damson Headspace headphones have two quite large microphones inside which record external noise, and then counteracts the frequency pattern to create their noise cancelling feature. There’s no special software being used which Damson claim removes the hiss of noise cancelling technology all together. Of course that’s wrong, and some hiss does remain. But to give it to them, it’s extremely quiet and barely noticeable.

So down to audio quality then. The only way to really get the most out of these headphones is if the noise cancelling is switched on. If not, you get a very flat sound. But as soon as the noise cancelling switched is flicked on… oh my goodness. They come alive! Going straight to Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song, the bass line along with the kick drum were extremely punchy, then when Robert Plant’s iconic vocals came in, the mixture of low and high frequencies were a treat. Moving on to some heavier music, Funeral for a Friend’s Hospitality was liquid gold. Each instrument was so pronounced, and the vocals came through with absolute warmth.

Finishing off with Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, as we wanted to listen to some more Top 40 stuff too, the high notes of the opening Spanish acoustic guitar sounded so crisp. You could hear this all the way throughout the song, even during parts that were more focused around the heavier kick drum and chordy guitar. Their soundstage is truly wide, making it feel almost immersive to listen to them. The amount of detail in each track I listened to was truly impressive.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these headphones. For them to come out of a Kickstarter campaign is truly remarkable. They’re definitely heading towards some top headphones of 2017 awards. For more information, you can check them out for yourself on the Damson website.

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