Who doesn’t need broadband around their homes these days?

There is still one major problem though – access. If you have a large home or just don’t want too many wireless connections, how about eliminating those not-spots with a D-Link AV500 Passthrough Mini Adapter.

The company sent us a trio of them to try out, and they are brilliant. If you have ever been worried about trying these, don’t be.

They use the wiring of your home to carry your broadband signal. So, how easy to set up. Just take out of the box, plug into a real wall socket for best results, not an extension strip, plug the supplied Ethernet cable in to the adapter and the other end into your router, or switch, as we have done.

Then plug in another adapter in another room and use the other Ethernet cable running from the adapter to whatever device you want connected.

Use devices.

Simple as that. No set up, no worrying about, well, anything really. Worked right out of the box. A third one was used in a third room. Again, just plug it in, and hey presto, internet. At a decent speed.

It isn’t as fast as directly connecting to your modem. It is must faster than wireless. So, at an absurdly low price, what’s not to love. Plug and play devices at their best. D-Link have this sussed.