Crucial MX300 SSD Review

With the world of SSDs slowly plodding along, it didn’t take much for someone to have the initiative to improve on the tech. This is why Lexar are now pumping out their new Lexar MX300 solid state drive.

What peaked our interest about this new innovative drive is the fact it is the second SSD to launch with the new 3D flash memory technology built into it. This replaces the already fluxuating 2D planar memory. In a nutshell, it means you can store a lot more files in a 3D flash drive than in the same amount of space on a 2D planar drive without having to increase the memory cells within the hard drive chassis.

lexar mx300 525gb SSD 1

The Crucial Mx300 SSD has an AES 256-bil encryption which means your files will be private and safe. This kind of encryption would be seen in a more business envirnment rather than a home PC, but we’re not sending any complaints here. We still keep sensitive information on our computers at home, so why not use the better encryption tech right?

It’s also advertised as being quite a rugged piece of kit, with it being said that the MX300 drives can withstand up to 220TB of data written to the drive before it conks out. Pretty impressive. What’s better is that it’s around 25% cheaper than Samsung’s 850 Evo although lacking some features such as its ability to use your PC’s RAM as cache. It’s a slower SSD than the Evo, but for the price difference I feel this is neglible.

crucial mc300 ssd benchmark 1


Lexar have made grade A products right from start, and we’re definitely a fan here at TechNuovo. You can find out more information on the Lexar official website.