Creative Woof 3 Speaker Review

Regular readers know we love Bluetooth speakers, and now we have the pretty small Woof3 from Creative.

This is a company that knows all about sound, so this should be good. Well, firstly, it took four goes to ‘pair’ it with my Galaxy S4. No biggie, but I am not sure why that was.

Then came the sound, and it is pretty good. It gets its name from the bass it produces – Woof. Woofer, geddit?

It does produce some base, but not as much as I expected. As you will realise from its size, this is not a room filler, but it was nice to listen to while working and the dinky thing sitting on the far side of my desk. So it would be brilliant for the train so you can really let all the passengers in the carriage join in. Maybe not.

For that sort of listening, this is just great – especially as it is being sold for around the £40 mark in four glistening colours.

It is quite weighty, which implies a decent sized magnet for that bass punch. It is certainly delivious to look at, but that shiny surface loves to hold on to fingerprints, so plenty of polishing needed to keep it pristine. But then it’s small, so won’t take long.

Creative says it their mine speaker: “The Woof3 is equipped with a powerful 45mm driver that delivers well-balanced audio in your hand.

“Don’t let its size fool you. This palm-sized wonder produces big sound for its size, thanks to the oversized bass radiator.

“With up to six hours of playtime on a single charge, you can roam free with the Woof3 everywhere.”

As well as the Bluetooth, there is the chance to plug in a USB and aux devices.  And with the right phone you can use the Woof hands-free to chat away.  A mircoSD slot is handy too, especially as it will record.