It’s not too common to see wireless earbuds with a neck support ring, if that’s what they’re even called. And it’ll be pretty easy just to wash over them, as they’re not exactly the most subtle of earbud solutions, but don’t stop reading. The Creative Aurvana Trip Wireless headphones might be some of the best consumer grade headphones that I’ve tested, and it comes down to the technology system inside of each earbud.

They use a triple driver system, which uses one driver to deliver the bass and the other two drivers to separate the mids and highs. The result? Exceptional quality from your music, and that’s even when listening to lesser quality audio from streaming services like Spotify.

And with the inclusion of Creative’s Super X-Fi capabilities, the soundstage is incredible. The Aurvana Trio headphones are capable of a 5 – 40,000 Hz frequency response as well which is absolutely huge, and really outside the realms of human hearing. But this means that every detail of your music is going to shine. And being compatible with the SX-Fi app, you’re able to fine-tune your experience with an equiliser. The headphones use a Bluetoot 5.0 connection, and thanks to their Qualcomm processor, are able to also use the likes of aptX and aptX LL which makes these a great set of headphones to pair with the Creative BT–W3 audio transmitter.

One thing though that I do have to point out though, is the fact that Creative have decided to go the route of the neck band rather than follow suit with other more popular TWS headphones. The earbuds themselves are on the larger side, and do pertrude from the ear a bit. And due to the triple driver setup, are significantly heavier than other TWS headphones on the market. But this isn’t really noticable, as the neckband does all the heavy lifting for you as all the heavier tech like the battery is housed here. After a few minutes though, I forgot I even had a neckband on. It’s not very heavy, and if you’ve got it over your shirt, you’ll neve feel it. The neckband also enables the cables to go slack, so there’s no drag on the bottom of your ear canals like you get with wired headphones. And if one does fall out your ear, there’s no risk of damaging it. There are also several pairs of earbuds supplied, including a memory foam variant which shapes itself to your ear canal.

This also means that there’s no IPX rating either, which means no sports, and no getting them wet. But, these headphones are definitely aimed at your commuters. Stick the neckband underneath your shirt and away you go to work, with decent quality music. It also packs a very nice battery life which we tested to hit arund 20 hours, which is amazing. If you forget to charge them the night before, no worries. Speaking of charging, they use microUSB which is a little rough. It’s 2020. There should definitely be a USB Type-C connection.

There are three buttons at the front right of the neckband that control volume, play/pause and also skip track if you hold the volume buttons down. They also feel very robust, and I can’t see any heavy handed users squeezing the buttons too tightly doing any damage. The neckband is also made from a flexible rubber material, so no matter how fat your neck is, or if you’re wearing them over your puffiest winter coat, they’re not going to stretch out of shape.

I must say, that even though these come with a neckband, they are just simply one of the best in-ear headphones I’ve had the chance to review, and it’s down to the triple driver technology inside. The battery life is also absolutely wicked for days of use on a commute, and they’ve got a a very decent build quality. Whatmore, they’re priced at under ¬£100 and can be found for as little as ¬£89.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this review. For more information, head over to the Creative website.