Cowin Thunder Bluetooth Speaker Review

When we’re asked to look at products from unknown manufacturers we get excited. It’s a chance to find hidden gems in the world of technology. We took a look at the new Cowin Thunder Bluetooth Speaker and were pleasantly surprised with how it performed. Looking at the Cowin website and digging into the company we have found them to be a relatively small manufacture of different Bluetooth speakers.

Cowin use vibration technology to pump out their music. The actual unit houses a 360-degree omni-directional speaker so where ever you are in the room you will get equal quality sound. Underneath you will find what looks like a convex subwoofer that the speaker sits on which causes the surface the speaker is sitting on to vibrate. This adds bass quality to your music.

The Cowin Thunder Bluetooth Speaker can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device so smartphones, tablets and even laptops are all capable of sending music to the speaker. It has a 10-metre range, enough to walk away to another room in your house without the connection being interrupted. Connecting my phone to the Cowin Thunder Bluetooth Speaker required no fiddly passcodes. I just searched for devices in range and selected the speaker, easy as that.

Depending on the quality of your music really depends on the quality of sound from the speaker. In our case we threw 320kbps CD quality music from several different genres and could not find a fault with how we heard our favorite tracks. The only issue we found was a top volumes. Music seemed quite distorted but of course, this is a portable speaker so I wouldn’t recommend it for filling entire houses with music. The centre button turns on lightning mode which  turns the omni-directional speaker on. It’s a great feature and works well, especially when the speaker is placed in the middle of a room.

The Cowin Thunder Bluetooth Speaker is made from aluminium and is pretty heavy for its size but in the speaker world, that tends to mean great quality.

There are two different connections available on the Cowin Thunder Bluetooth Speaker. First is the wireless Bluetooth option and the second is a 3.5mm headphone jack cable. There is also a mini USB port for charging the internal battery which will last up to six hours.

The Cowin Thunder is well designed and sounds exceptional for a portable Bluetooth speaker and has a great battery life too. For more information and the chance to pick up your own visit the Cowin website.


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