Citizen Watches That Don’t Need Batteries

It’s always an annoyance, taking your watch to get a new battery. You have to make the trip to your local town, drop off the watch, then make a second trip out of your way to collect it again. Not mentioning the amount it can cost, especially for the more lucrative brands.

This is why Citizen are now using what is called Eco-Drive technology in their new range of fancy timepieces. Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of light, keeping the built in lithium-ion battery charged at any time. Any kind of light source will generate power, from the sun, to your lamp next to your bed.

citizen satellite wave f900 watch 1

The watch that Citizen are calling their ‘hero product’ is the Satellite Wave F900. Built to perfection, the F900 uses the latest GPS satellite time-keeping technology. It will be able to detect where you are in over 40 time zones giving you accurate time where ever you are in the world. You’re also able to view two time zones at any one time on the face of the watch.

Other features of the Citizen Satellite Wave F900 include a power reserve, for when there is no light at all. There is a useful light level indicator so you know how much light the watch is actually getting. A 1/20 chronograph, day/date display, 24-hour sub-dial face and also glowing hands so you can read the time in the dark.

The new Citizen watch seems cool, extremely useful to people travelling the world and definitely stylish enough to wear on your wrist as your everyday timepiece. We’re hoping to get our hands on one for a full review in the future so keep a watch of this space… see what I did there?


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