Smart phones of today contain some of the most secret information from our day-to-day lives such as our bank details or Amazon accounts so it’s surprising how many of us Brits do not keep our smartphone secure, and I’m one of them., a company dedicated to protecting our portable possessions recently revealed their findings to increase awareness that your phone, in the wrong hands, is not that safe.

1018 people were asked some basic questions about the security measures they have in place incase their phones were ever lost or stolen. A whopping 38% admitted that their phones did not have locking measures in place while 57% of the people asked do not use anti-virus software on their mobiles.

I found these numbers to be quite shocking seeing that the Metropolitan Police in London claim to have had more than 114,000 phones reported stolen last year. London is known as the UK’s hotspot for mobile phone theft so is no surprise that around 69% of Londoners have some kind of locking measure on their phone compared to the national average of 58%.

A quarter of the 1018 people questioned admitted to having their social media accessed by intruders. A third said they use the same password for all forms of login and one in six of the people asked have had their accounts used to purchase goods or access sensitive information.

Fewer than half of people back up their data which means that those important photos you have will be lost if your handset is ever misplaced or stolen.

PIN codes were found to be the most popular security measure in place followed by passwords and the newly introduced fingerprint scanners.

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