Brainwavz BLU-100 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Ever heard of Brainwavz? Me neither. But after checking out the Brainwavz BLu-100 Bluetooth in-ear headphones, I’m betting they won’t stay unknown for very long. These headphones were well and truly impressive.

The box was very small, and everything was housed inside a really nice carry case. There wasn’t much in terms of accessories though. You get s few earbuds of various sizes to give you snug fits inside you ears, a USB cable to charge the wireless headphones and the carry case itself.

Two exciting accessories added in are a set of Comply memory foam ear tips which mould to the shape of your ear canal, which are my personal favourite. The other one is a set of hooks which will aid you when wearing these things during sports like running.

The actual build quality isn’t bad either. and I never thought that these could break from a bit of rough handling. Everything though does feel a little chunky, so if you’re more into your sleek types, these will not be for you.

There’s an inline remote on the cable which has three buttons for your typical volume up/down doubling as skip track as well as answering calls button in the middle. The whole thing acts as a microphone too so you can have some hands-free calls.

Audio quality however is superb for such a cheap bargain set of headphones. Highs and mids are excellently crafted to provide really great crystal clear tones throughout many genres of music. The lower end and bass frequencies do suffer a bit, but not as much as one would expect from a £30 set of headphones.

These headphones won’t last long in terms of battery life. It really suffers which is unfortunate. So, don’t forget to carry around the charging cable with you to keep them topped up. The Brainwavz BLU-100 headphones are excellent value for money, and definitely one for you if you are after a budget set of wireless headphones.

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