Bowers&Wilkins Team Up With Burberry

To celebrate a partnership full of innovation, craftsmanship and music, Bowers&Wilkins and Burberry have teamed up to launch the new T7 Gold Edition speaker. The release is a jump-start on its September 2016 global release.

Both brands involved have a rich history in luxury design and technology and the T7 Gold Edition speaker is no different.

bowers burberry 2

It’s been branded as Bowers&Wilkins most portable speaker design to date. Its compact size makes it a very lucrative pick-up-and-go speaker option.

To make things simpler to understand, the speaker part has been designed and created by the British technology company while the case part of the T& Gold Edition speaker has been crafted by fashionistas Burberry.

bowers burberry 1

What more, Burberry Acoustic musicians¬†George Cosby, Fenne Lily, Rosie Carney and Ten Tonnes have recorded four EPs to mark the partnership and launch of the product. Each EP will be available to download from Bowers& Wilkins’ Society Of Sound, the high-definition subscription service for you many audiophiles out there.

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