Bose OE2 Headphones Review

What can I say? Bose offer such smooth designs and out of this world sound quality on everything they do. I struggled writing this review as I found very little wrong with the headphones’  comfort and performance.

In the box you get a compact set of Bose OE2 headphones, a 1.3m headphone jack cable and a cosy case for storage. Unfortunately the case is made from a soft material so your headphones will not be protected from anything heavy on top of them. Be careful when keeping them in your bag.

The soft pads feel nice and snug against my ears which in turn make them feel so lightweight. I used them on long commutes and didn’t bother my ears or make them feel uncomfortable. The foam on the headband gives you extra comfort round the top of your head. You can’t even feel them when the band is resting across the top of your cranium.

This brings me round to sound quality, which is absolutely superb. I heard sounds in my music I never knew existed. The clarity of all frequencies are so crisp. Trust me when I say, music enthusiasts and audiophiles, you need these in your life, especially for portability.

One problem I did find was to do with leaking sound at higher volumes. On one of our commutes I was playing some music quite loud and actually had a commuter ask us to turn down our headphones. This wasn’t good considering the foam earpads feel like they fit snug to our ear. Oh well, her loss, our club playlist was about to come on.

Take note we used high quality 320kbps music tracks to test the shiny new Bose OE2s from a variety of genres. We did also plug them into our TV and were shocked with how much you heard from TV shown films. Compared to the built-in TV speakers the Bose were an absolute dream to use.

My time with the Bose OE2 headphones were superb. Music playback is absolutely stunning. The only thing I found wrong was the lack of sound isolation to outside parties. They were extremely comfortable on long trips and I would recommend the Bose OE2s for any business person frequently using trains or public transport for extended periods of time.

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