Boost Oxygen Review – Energy In A Can

In the mornings, how many of us love to sink a cup of coffee, or if we’re really feeling tired/hungover from a late night, crack a can of Red Bull? Loads of us I bet. But what if I told you there was something else, something that could even be seen as revitalising that we could use instead? Boost Oxygen could be that answer.

Now that being said, I’m not sure how practical this type of product actually is. It’s not something that I feel you could use while walking to work. Boost Oxygen is 95% pure oxygen, with the remaining percentage being taken up by the favour or aroma. I was sent through a natural pink grapefruit and ¬†frankincense aroma and I must say, the flavour you got from it was pretty accurate. It’s not too overpowering.

On the front it states that the concoction can reduce signs of aging and boost cell revival, but it could also be used for respiratory issues and reduce fever. There are even bars now that give you pure oxygen, but this is usually done through a nose tube as opposed to using a respiratory looking device. It can also be used to keep you more alert too. So no more coffee, and no more caffeine in my diet.

I’m not sure if this product is for everyone though. Yes, Boost already have thousands of people who use their products, and the way this is marketed, makes it seem as if the people who are using it are attached to some kind of sport. Whether that’s hiking, swimming, cycling, surfing or driving in the Formula One, these products seem to enhance performance.

Did it do anything to me though, someone who sits in front of a computer writing reviews and recording the odd video? Not so much, I don’t think. Yeah it gave me a slight head rush, and I felt more alert throughout the day, but it didn’t really feel like it gave me many enhancements. If you’re into your sports though, I’m sure it’s a winner, and beats drinking a high sugar energy drink anyway. You can find more info on the Boost Oxygen website.

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