B&O Play H4 Headphones Just Released

A new set of wireless headphones are coming our way from audio masters B&O Play. The new B&O Play H4 headphones are a long awaited set of cans, which promise to reproduce your music in its truest form. They’ve been designed by Danish designer Jacob Wagner, so expect some beautiful looking headphones.

They combine a fine lamb skin, braided textile as well as an aluminium frame for durability. It’s a very minimalist set of headphones from what we’ve seen in images. They look absolutely beautiful. “The core philosophy at B&O PLAY is to deliver authentic sound – considering each part separately to improve and simplify an expression of purpose. So listening becomes an authentic experience for all our senses. Our challenge was to express that through every detail”, says Danish designer Jakob Wagner.

There’s a very specific blend of materials to create the B&O Play H4 headphones. The ear cup discs are made from aluminium which goes through an anodizing process. The logo on the side has been laser etched to keep the colour style the same as the overall disk. The cushions that hug your ears are made from a soft lambskin. The headband is also lambskin. Inside the ear cushions you will find memory foam to provide a passive noise isolation. We want to test this design, so we will let you know the results once we get our hands on a model.

We’ve been told that the B&o Play H4s will have a simple user-interface, with a three button operation on the in-line remote. Think volume adjustments, skip tracks and a pairing Bluetooth button. There is a standard 3.5mm auxiliary jack on the end of the cable to plug into a phone or music device. There’s a 19 hour built-in battery, which will fully charge from dead in approximately 2.5 hours.

“Beoplay H4 started as an exciting idea of a new, dynamic archetype that would give us the opportunity to expand our best-in-class sound, craftsmanship and design language to a much broader audience”, says Global Head of Marketing Jens Jermiin for B&O PLAY and continues:

“Music is an art that explores the aural space. It is meant to stir up emotions and to provoke feelings. Growing up in the digital age, when HiFi listening was replaced with smartphone earplugs, it is easy to forget how immediate and beautiful a piano sounds, how percussion sparkles and how full and tuneful a bass really is. For those who want a way back in, Beoplay H4 is a beautiful and powerful piece of design that will make you fall in love with music all over again”.

Expect the B&O H4 headphones to retail pretty highly. We’re told on release they’re going to be priced at £249, but this could change due to online retailers getting hold of them. They are already available from the B&O website and even some selected retailers.

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