Hello hello hello, welcome back to the channel and this weeks episode of 180 TechChat, our weekly round-up video, showcasing some of the best bits of tech and games news from last week. 

Up first is an announcement that came to light this week from Blizzard. They’re on the lookout for new staff, from designers, software engineers and artists to develop a brand new survival game. The World of Warcraft developers haven’t named their new game yet, and they’ve only given us a brief description of what’s they expect. Blizzard has said though that the game is going to come to both PC and consoles though, so there is that. And if it’s multiplayer, I’m hoping it’s cross-platform so you can play with all of your friends, no matter the platform.

Not much is known yet, but we’re sure to keep up with new announcements in the future.

This week Sony announced a new budget soundbar, the HT-S400. It’s an upgrade from the original HT-S350. It’s a 2.1 set up, with a 900mm wall-mountable soundbar, plus a wireless subwoofer you can locate elsewhere in the room. The total output is circa 330watts and its inputs include optical, HDMI ARC and Bluetooth. It’ll come with Dolby Digital and Sonys own virtual surround sound technology, S Force PRO front surround. Sony says it puts you, the consumer, right in the action of your favourite movies by emulating cinema-style surround sound. By using front speakers only, Sony’s unique digital sound field processing technology virtually reproduces the surround sound field. If you’re interested in finding out more on that, Nick did a separate video about it and I’ll drop a link up here now for that. 

The latest Pokemon game has just been released, Pokemon Legends Arceus. The game takes players through the Sinnoh region of old when it was called by a different name, Hisui, and in a time when it was rare for humans and pokemon to live in close harmony. Trainers will have to catch, survey and research wild Pokemon, complete their Pokedex and challenge other trainers. Reviews coming in look positive, Metacritic giving it an 86%, Eurogamer 4 out of 5, so it looks promising. It’s available now for your Nintendo Switch and if you love Pokemon, it sounds like you’ll love this game. 

The guys and girls over at Joby have just announced a few new products that look very exciting. First up, is the Wavo AIR, which is a wireless lavalier mic for on the go audio recording. The Wavo AIR Kit comes standard with two transmitters, two lavalier mics and cable adapters for both cameras and phones and features high-quality, 2.4 GHz wireless audio capture technology in a compact form factor. Next up the Wavo Pod, a microphone for streamers, gamers, content creators and podcasters. The Wavo POD is a large-diaphragm, USB condenser microphone for audio streamers that have both cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns with 24bit/48kHz high-res sampling rates. They also announced a new shotgun mic for your mirrorless or DSLR camera. Named the Wavo Pro, it’s a mid-range shotgun mic that you can plug in and create your content. Prices vary and I think they are available now to purchase.

The latest game to hit online stores is Dying Light 2 but is it a winner or another flop that we’re all too commonly familiar with. It’s a bit of both, we’ve got fans asking for refunds already as they are not happy Techland added Denuvo into the game at the very last minute. For those of you unaware, Denuvo is some of a controversial anti-tamper DRM technology. Why so unhappy? People are saying the anti-piracy software was deliberately hidden from the game for game reviews/ people who pre-ordered, and It heavily impacts performance and does absolutely nothing positive for the player who purchased the game. On the other hand, some are giving it fairly decent reviews. Metacritic gave a 77 of out 100, IGN gave it a 7 out of 10 and PC gamer gave it 84 out of 100. There has also been a huge day 1 patch with a bunch of fixes. I’ve not had a chance to play it myself yet but I will and then I’ll be able to give my own verdict…

Viral phenomenon game Wordle has been sold. Yes, the owner, the guy who created has sold the game to The New York Times for a seven-figure sum. The actual figure hasn’t been shared but seven figures, that’s a tidy million-plus in the bank. If you’ve not seen or played the game yet, it’s free to play online, it’s dead simple and actually quite addictive. You have 6 chances to figure out a 5 letter word, after each chance, letters are highlighted green, meaning it’s the right letter in the right location, yellow meaning it’s the right letter in the wrong location or grey meaning that letter isn’t in the word at all. It’s a new word once a day, so you cant binge play which is kinda nice and it just gets your brain thinking. Moving to The New York Times, I’m sure it’ll become heavily monetised with ads but I hope it remains free to play. Time will tell.