Wireless charging is becoming a common occurance now. With wireless pads coming out left right and centre, and Starbucks are installing them on their table. They’re extremely convenient. Just set your phone down, and watch it charge.

The Belkin Boost Up is slightly different though. It’s a 10w charging pad that’s compatible with Apple and Samsung Fast Charge technology. Unfortunately I have a Google Pixel 3, so wasn’t able to test this properly, but I wasn’t put off at the time it took to charge my phone. The time right now is 22:40 and my phone is on 6% battery. In one hour, my phone hit just under 30% battery. So no, quick charge does not work for the Google Pixel 3.

The pad itself is about three and a half inches wide, and half an inch thick. It’s a nice size to fit on a desk however it’s thicker than other charging pads we’ve seen before at TechNuovo. This is due to the fast charging feature I bet.

belkin boost up wireless charger

The Belkin Boost Up comes with its own AC adapter and its own 4FT microUSB cable, which is a rare occurrence, but extremely useful if you’re like me and have run out of USB ports on the back of your computer. Of course, this is in aid of the fast charge feature again.

Other features include an LED indication light which gives charging status, and will also charge through lightweight cases of about 3mm thick. My Google Pixel 3 has a case on it and I can confirm this works. The non-slip grip on top helps the phone not slip off, and there are also large rubber feet too so it doesn’t slide around your desk.

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad retails on the Belkin website for £54.99 and is available in black, which we have here, grey and also white. You can find more information on the Belkin website here.

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