Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds Review

There’s a saying in the tech world, and that’s if Apple do it first, you better prepare for an influx of third party companies trying to do the same thing. That, in part is quite true about the Avanca Minim wireless earbuds, but I must say, they do it 10 times better than the Apple Earpods.

The setup is simple. There are two completely wireless earbuds that can either work together, or work by themselves. Of course if you want to have some stereo sound to your music, you will need both devices. But, the good news is for anyone wanting to share their music with someone can. All they need to do is sync the earbuds as separate devices to their phone and away you go, mono sound.

To sync the earbuds to a mobile phone takes a process, which is simple enough but too difficult to guess. I had to turn to the instruction manual for guidance. First off, remove one earbud from the charger and turn on by holding down the single button on the side. You will hear ‘power on’. Continue holding until you hear pairing. Sync this now to your mobile’s Bluetooth and music will play through one earphone. To connect the second earbud, turn it on and wait. They paired together instantly for me and I was able to play music straight away.

Both earbuds are labelled left or right to save confusion, and there are even audio cues on which one is which. The earbuds are primarily made from plastic, but it wasn’t a problem as they felt quite light in each ear, and thanks to the seal that’s created by the bud itself, they never felt loose or as if they could fall out.

One issue I did keep happening is the slave earbud kept losing connection to the main earbud from time to time. It lasted only a couple of seconds, and didn’t happen often, but was enough to make me comment on the accuracy and strength of the connection between the two earbuds.

The charging case is also a nice touch and a great way to store each earbud safely, especially inside a bag. Get into the habit of putting your earbuds back in the case each time you aren’t using them as well as they are small, and could be easily lost. The case is made from a thin metal type component and the slide action needed to get the earbuds out was nice and smooth.

The audio quality I must say was great, and that’s where these shine above something like Apple’s Earpods. Mids and highs were very prominent, and crisp tones came through over the top of the lower frequencies. Although saying that, there was a distinct lack of bass, it wasn’t very present, especially on your more pop/rock songs. Although on bass-centric tracks, it came through thumping.

The Avanca Minim wireless earbuds are a great product for those wanting to go truly wireless. At under £100 on Amazon, it also makes these quite a decent buy. Setup is a little clunky, but once you’ve done it once or twice, it becomes simple. Battery life lasts for around 12 hours, but that depends on things like volume levels and how often they’re used and charged. From full to empty though, you’re looking at 12 hours. For more information you can visit the Avanca Minim website.


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