A new chair couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and AutoFull was kind enough to send one of their C3 chairs out to me for the purposes of this content, so shout out to AutoFull for doing that. My old chair’s gas lift broke, and you know, sitting low down isn’t great. But anyway, let’s talk about the AutoFull C3 gaming chair.

The AutoFull C3 is a faux leather racing-style seat which just absolutely screams gamer. They sponsor various gaming events and eSports gamers and are pretty much embedded in the gaming industry now. The chair is rather large but that I would say is more on the normal side for gaming chairs. The chair is all black, as some nice solid padding running down the back and on the seat, and overall it’s a comfy chair to sit on for a lengthy gaming session. Now I’m a larger and broader guy, and I had no issues with finding it too narrow for my shoulders around the side skirt areas. I don’t know the proper name for them but they were pretty nice to sit against. There’s a solid yellow stitching that runs throughout the chair to give it a bit of an accent colour, and the branding is pretty thick and heavy, with AutoFull appearing twice on the front and once on the back along with their logo. In the box is also a pillow for your neck/head and a memory foam lumbar support which again are pretty comfortable to use, and I must say I did need the lumbar support to keep my back at a nice position.

The C3 chair is capable of reclining up to 160-degrees, and the AutoFull website says it’s nice to have a nap in it but to be honest, I’m not so sure. I don’t think I could find this chair comfortable enough for a nap, even when using the built-in footrest. But I also wouldn’t call it a footrest either. Probably because I’m an adult, and well, adults I don’t think buy many gaming chairs, but it falls pretty short of being a footrest, and more of a knee/upper calf rest. But again, it’s a nice to have if you did want to have a bit of a lean back when gaming. This brings me to my pet peeve with gaming chairs like this. There’s no auto recline feature. It’s locked to a particular position so every time you want to adjust it, you need to pull back the lever to move it to the said position. For me, this is a definite must have in a chair and so many gaming chairs I’ve tried in the past just gloss over this feature in favour of a more solid build, but it’s just not comfortable for me.

But with that said, it’s a solid chair and it’s been put together really well. Nice solid parts and a nice quality feel to it. It supports weight up to a maximum of 350 pounds and has a full steel frame which explains why the box was so damn heavy when I took the delivery. It’s got a nylon base too, five castors, and a nice solid frame that went together really nicely. The 2D armrests as they’re calling it are height adjustable and rotate so you can find an ideal seating position, though I must say I did keep these in an upright straight-on position throughout my testing as this was most comfortable. I only lowered them so the chair could fit under my desk. The fixtures here although seem alright, they do feel more plasticy than the rest of the chair, and the armrests even though locked in position still had a bit of movement to them.

But let’s talk about the price. At the time of making this video, the AutoFull C3 gaming chair will set you back ¬£259 here in the UK. Now for a chair? I think that’s a bit pricey. But it does usually cost around ¬£400, so there’s a big discount to be had. That being said for me it is missing that auto-recline which I do love. But on the other hand, it’s still a super comfy chair to use, so it’s really swings and roundabouts for me here. Overall though, it’s a solid effort by AutoFull.