Are You A Kiwibeard or LavenderBeard on Sea of Thieves?

After a hugely successful server scale test where we were all encouraged to go and break their game servers, and a final beta that ran as smooth as butter, unfortunately this isn’t the case with the release of one of the most anticipated titles of late… Sea of Thieves.

Gamers everywhere have been eagerly waiting for the 20th March 2018, the day where we were all meant to set sail across the seven seas, only to be greeted with error codes Kiwi Beard and Lavender Beard.

Taking a look at the Sea of Thieves website, the relevantly named error messages have been put in place to indicate either:

This can be caused by any of the following:

  • The Servers Are Closed – We are not running a play session when you tried to log in, so you cannot play Sea of Thieves right now.
  • You have more than one Gamertag signed in to your console. Please sign all other accounts out of the console, and only launch the game with the one account that has been invited to play.
  • You have not been invited to play the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha. If you’re registered as an Insider, you may be invited in the future – keep an eye on your registered email address.


Can be caused by Anti Virus/Firewall settings, but can also be caused by proxy servers and other network management manipulation / tools.


How to Fix Sea of Thieves Errors

Now I can’t really answer this, because I am still none the wiser after scouring the Google for some time now, but I can say that I very much doubt that the network manipulation / tools error is very relevant to people’s situations. More than likely it’s to do with the amount of players around the world trying to get on the game at once. After all, it is launch day, and the scale tests probably weren’t as popular as they intended.

But I do hope they sort out this problem soon. I, among the masses that have rushed to Twitter want to play please?

Don’tworry though. I’ve got full faith that the pirate Gods will be able to sort this error soon. And if you’re one of the ones who are waiting to see how the game goes, then keep watch here for our full review coming soon. For now though, we can leave you with some highlights from the final Beta weekend.



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