Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen countless stories about the fact that Apple’s new i9 Macbook Pro was actually on par or slower with older i7 machines. This was true for some time as the i9 processor was being subjected to something called thermal throttling.

What that means is the i9’s performance was being hindered due to heat buildup inside the chassis. This equates to clock speeds being reduced to save the processor from working too hard and to save it from overheating. People weren’t impressed, and were shunning the Macbook Pro.

But Apple have come back with a fix in the form of a patch. The patch goes by the name High Sierra 10.13.6 Supplemental Update and it is fixing the bug that’s making the i9 sit at a 2.2GHz clock speed as opposed to the 2.9GHz advertised clock speed. That’s a huge difference, and one that content creator and tech enthusiast Dave “D2D” Lee noticed during his extensive video rendering tests.

The i9 edition of the new Macbook Pro series has a £300 premium on top of the already expensive price making this laptop cost a whopping $6,699. Looking at the Apple UK site, there’s no way you can buy the laptop yet, but I’m sure it’s on its way.