Aircharge Lifestyle Range Review

aircharge lifestyle chargers

Aircharge have finally joined the home market, with their new range of wireless lifestyle chargers. Aircharge are generally known for their wireless pads in public spaces and the first time we checked them out was when they were sticking their pads in Starbucks coffee shops. Now they can be found all over: in libraries, McDonald’s restaurants, various bars and even now hotel chains. But now you can have their technology in the home.

We’re looking at two models from the new Aircharge Lifestyle range. The first is their Executive model and the second is the Slimline. Both use the same Aircharge wireless charging technology inside.

Black Edition Executive Charger

The Aircharge Black Edition Executive wireless charger is more of a static option for you in the home. Although it comes with no wall plug, there is a USB plug on the end of it to go into some kind of desktop or laptop. I have mine set up for example on my desk at home, so every time I sit down I can charge my mobile.

It’s covered in a smooth coating and is a rather solid piece of kit. There’s a rubber ring that keeps your phone in place as well as rubber feet to keep the charger from sliding around your desk. It looks rather premium and a nice addition to my desk set up. I must say my Google Pixel 3 got around 20% of battery life from around an hour’s charging time. It even went through my phone case too, which is more of a design element to the case, but it worked.

We were sent the black version to test, but there is an ebony wood type finish too that could be more suited to your home setup.

aircharge lifestyle chargers

Slimline Wireless Charger

The technology here is pretty much the same as the Black Edition Executive above, except that it’s a lot thinner more square with rounded corners than the Executive. It has definitely been designed with portability in mind. Users will be able to carry this in their pocket it’s that thin.

Aircharge supply you with an included USB cable as well so you can plug it into a desktop or laptop, or even a home USB plug. In both instances you lose out on any quick charging capability your phone has unfortunately, so expect lengthy charge times. These pads aren’t really designed for that though, they’re more decorative and you’ll find yourself placing your phone on one of these pads naturally after a while.

aircharge lifestyle chargers

In both instances, the Aircharge wireless chargers look great, and most importantly work well too. They’ll make any mobile setup more modern, Do be aware though, that not all mobile handsets are fit for wireless charging, so do make sure you have a compatible handset before deciding to buy. For more information head over to the Aircharge website.

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