ADX Firepower M04 Gaming Mouse Review

ADX Firepower M04 gaming mouse

In a world where you have your Razers, Steelseries, Roccat and more, it’s easy to forget that there are more affordable gaming peripherals out there. Which is why I wanted to bring the ADX Firepower M04 gaming mouse to your attention. The mouse is part of an in-house range from the UK retailer Dixons, but is available online to those not wanting to visit your local Currys or PC World branch.

The mouse itself was packaged very nicely, with a door and window to look and feel before you purchase. Inside is the mouse itself, some weights for the adjustable weight system built into it and also a CD which I was very surprised to find. The CD houses the drivers, and there is nowhere I could find to download the drivers online which was annoying. Who’s PC has a CD drive now?

The mouse itself is wired, with a braided yellow and black fabric for protection from sharp edges of your desk. The ADX Firepower M04 is plug and play, making this very easy to setup. Everything is controlled by the mouse itself, including the up to 8,200dpi switch and RGB light setting, although this only controls the scroll wheel colour.

On the base are smooth seemingly plastic dome feet which makes the mouse easily flow across a mouse mat or desk or whatever surface you’re using. I personally prefer a gaming mat to use with this mouse. The mouse itself is pretty chunky too, which again I loved due to my larger hands and the fact I feel most comfortable with a palm grip. There’s enough hump at the back to rest the centre of your hand and even a lip for your thumb at the bottom. Your fourth and fifth fingers are kind of left to droop though. A lip on the left would have made this a little more comfortable.

In total there are 12 customisable buttons on the ADX Firepower M04 gaming mouse. Your usual mouse and scroll wheel clicks, but there are a ton on the right for your thumb. Great for MMOs and MOBA type games to save you stretching on your keyboard. The scroll wheel has clicky feedback which is perfect for swapping guns inside of first person shooter titles. The buttons underneath the scroll wheel are you adjustable DPI and RGB change switch. I could never get into the software to change the functions of these buttons on the desktop, but in games they worked fine and were recognised instantly as buttons.

Using in games was an okay experience. The mouse on my mouse pad was smooth enough to follow enemies across the horizon with my sniper rifle on Battlefield V, and reactive enough to play a competitive game of Heroes of the Storm thanks to its 1000Hz polling rate. However, because I had no access to the software, I couldn’t really get over the preset DPI sensitivity levels. I always felt that setting two was too slow, and setting 3 was too fast. I wanted a happy medium. I’m a very particular gamer with mouse sensitivity and do like to switch depending on the task at hand. A way of downloading the drivers online would be great. Even a link from the PC World website would be helpful.

The mouse though for £39.99 retail is a pretty decent steal if you’re wanting to start your adventure in the gaming world. The other mouse that Dixons offer is the Logitech G502 for the same price, but you are losing out on those multiple buttons the ADX Firepower M02 offers. For more information, head over to the PC World website.

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