Adidas Originals iPhone SE Case Review

Phone cases have to be fashionable right? There’s no point in covering what is meant to be free in something mundane and plain. Thank God Adidas has your back with the release of their new Originals range for the iPhone SE. The main design is on the rear of the case. Unfortunately the iconic Adidas white stripes don’t make an appearance, but the Adidas logo is slightly indented.

adidas originals iphone se case3

The case itself comes in two different colours, black or blue with the latter giving you a bright fashionable touch to your mobile device. No longer will you have to stare at that boring matte colour that covers the iPhone SE. Ever better still, thanks to its flexible rubber design, the Adidas Originals case is going to ensure that your phone is protected.

adidas originals iphone se case4

Being rubber makes the case shock proof meaning it will give you some coverage from drops. We tested this with one of our iPhone SEs in the office and it did in fact give the phone some bounce as it hit the ground. Of course it won’t give you full protection from any extreme heights, but waist level worked well for us. The screen isn’t covered by the case however, so impact directly on this area will still cause some damage.

adidas originals iphone se case2

The iPhone SEs connection points are all easily accessible. There aren’t any kind of rubber flaps hanging over these which is a good design choice as this case isn’t claiming water resistance which the flaps would be needed for.

adidas originals iphone se case1

If you want to bring a bit of fashion to your iPhone SE or just want to give it some stylish protection, then Adidas has done everything right. No it won’t fully protect every aspect of your mobile phone, but it doesn’t need to. It looks great and the blue colour really pops. The Adidas Originals cases are set to release in May 2016 and will retail for around £19.99 which is extremely fair in my opinion.

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