3D Scanbot at LTEXPO

Yesterday at the LTEXPO at the O2 arena I witnessed a new type of scanning coming to the market. It’s known as the Scanbot and can scan 3D objects and create them on your PC or MAC.

The camera was connected to a circular track and moved around it on a tripod. The cameraman moved around the image slowly to capture each and every last bit of detail on the object.

The demonstration was used with people. We each sat in the seat and had our scans and then previewed them on the projector they had set up, and I was impressed. The quality was superb.


These scans can then be made in to real objects using different materials such as a 3D printer.

They can also be turned into models using ceramic material. The colour is added during the process and the model is hardened for handling.

You can also get single colour models as well and are printed on a plastic FDM 3D printer.

It was definitely anĀ  eye opener of what is to come in the future.

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