We’ve seen Tapo smart bulbs in the past, and we even still have one in use. But today we’re taking a look at the TP-Link Tapo Smart LED Light Strip. The model number is the L900-5, with the ‘5’ at the end meaning five meters.

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In the box, you get the light strip itself, which measures five meters. I didn’t need all of the strip to put it where I wanted it, so I ended up snipping it down by about a meter which is definitely possible here. You get the control box which acts as the receiver for WiFi signals and a power plug. That’s it. The lights are initially reeled up, and there’s an adhesive sticker on the rear of the strip which made it super easy to attach to furniture. I chose to use the strip on my chest of drawers, as to be honest with you, this was the only place it could really go.

Now, this is what I like. TP-Link has made it so simple to set up. Once I plugged in my light strip to power, it started flashing green and orange. Inside the Tapo app, I clicked ‘Add New Device’, which gave me a prompt about how the light should be flashing green and orange, which it was, and my phone found the strip straight away. I keyed in my WiFi password and I was online! So simple, was up and running in mere minutes. there was no running back and forth between router and strip and constantly restarting the setup process and it was definitely one of the more simple setups I’ve had in my RGB strip and bulb experience.

Inside the app, you can find all of your settings, from colour selection to setting a timer on the lights and setting a schedule. Everything here is pretty basic too, and every easy to read and the layout is nice. I wasn’t a fan of the lighting mode being so basic, though the lighting effect is nice and bright. You can’t segment the lighting effects from what I can see. You can choose a solid colour, but there’s no way of mixing a couple of colours together to form your own patterns which was a shame.

But what else can I say? I’ve found them for as little as ¬£16 on Amazon, and if you’re someone who wants to add a bit of flair to your home, then I would truly recommend picking some up. And it’s definitely the easiest app I’ve used for this kind of thing too. The setup was a breeze.